Get Started with RoboCent

Try our self-service platform to cover all of your RoboCall needs!

Step 1:

Create an account by visiting

Provide your email address and choose a password to create your account.

This will create a “master” account that you can use to manage all organizations you add and gives access to RoboCent’s complete list of services.

Step 2:

Provide your contact information.

Add an organization you manage. Select “New Organization” to create a new org in your account. RoboCent allows you to create unlimited orgs, perfect for consultants that manage multiple races.

Step 3:

Click on “Uploads” on the left of the page to upload new audio files and call lists you have.

If you do not yet have an audio file recorded, click on “Call in Recording Line” at the top of the page to access the unique instructions and PIN for our Call in Recording Line so you can record a new file directly from your phone.

If you need a voter file, visit to request a quote for a new universe.

Step 4:

Schedule your call!

Navigate to the “Scheduler” tab to schedule a new RoboCall, RVM, Survey, or Transfer call.

Follow the on screen, step-by-step instructions to select the correct settings and schedule your call.

Add a credit card by selecting “Billing” -> “Settings”. Once your call has been approved and paid, it will send at the requested time!