SMS Tree and
Phone Number Service

Need a Phone Number to send a RoboCall From?

We’ve got it covered. RoboCent offers the ability to purchase a new number – directly from the control panel. After purchasing a new number, the client can set up and customize exactly how it behaves. Forwarding phone numbers gives you the power to forward all incoming calls to the campaign manager, simultaneously ring several campaign volunteers, or send the call straight to voicemail. The greeting callees hear that is played back when dialed can be set up and recorded in the user control panel. All recordings are posted to the control panel for review.

Beyond receiving incoming phone calls, the custom RoboCent Number can also receive incoming text messages. When an SMS is received, the client can customize the response that is immediately sent back. Create multiple keywords to control the conversation. Powerful customization maximizes participation, engagement, and support.

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3…

  • 1. Advertise the designated campaign phone number on literature, commercials, signs etc.
  • 2. Instruct voters to text specific keywords to the RoboCent number.
  • 3. Voter automatically receive the pre-programmed response that was set up for the keyword. There are an unlimited number of keywords that can be set, each with a unique response.

For Example…

  • Set “Vote” to respond with the date of the election and polling location information.
  • Set “Issues” to respond with a list of issues with a link for each stance.
  • Set “Choice” to respond with a video of a debate “zinger” at an opponent’s expense.

Why Choose RoboCent SMS and Voicemail?

  • Connector.

    Forwarding Phone Numbers and Vanity Numbers

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    Customize Outgoing SMS Messages with our SMS Tree Builder

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    Simple Interface and Powerful Customization Options

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    24/7 Support Team for Hands Free Management and Peace of Mind

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