SMS Connect

RoboCent now offers manual SMS messaging! Instead of relying on a Opt-In list of voters to contact with an automated text, we manually target voters in your district via SMS. RoboCent uses a real human to send messages to your list. We will work with your campaign to craft the optimal message to get the highest response rate from voters in your district.

The real difference in our manual SMS Connect vs an automated text campaign comes in the back and forth dialogue. When a voter texts you back to say thanks, our staff will manually and individually respond to that voter with a unique message – every time.

This is a program to maintain ongoing communication with your constituents and voters. The power in this program lies with the ability to keep leads fresh by getting interaction with voters for remembering their birthdays. Additionally, this also starts a dialogue where the constituent is likely to respond and save the number of the text for a later time.

Birthday Messaging

More and more these days constituents and voters have a distrust for politicians and their elected officials. They feel they only hear from them when it’s election time. We’ve developed a new program to maintain ongoing communications with voters at a time when they would appreciate hearing a nice message – their Birthday! Send a monthly message to everyone with a birthday or a daily message on their specific birthday.

Holiday Greeting

Contacting voters on a Holiday is a great way to maintain Name ID through consistent, layered messaging. A text on a holiday while people are in a good mood will ensure your candidate’s name is remembered come Election Day.

Legislative Update

Send an update to your constituents about what’s happening in session. Provide a link to a video of your client talking about what’s important to them and how they’re working to provide a better future for their constituents.

Surveys and Polls

Send a link to a custom survey on your website! Ask about issues important to your constituents, their choice of candidate, or if they would like a YardSign. SMS Surveys have a higher response rate than your typical IVR, allowing your campaign to collect more data and input.

Election Day + GOTV

The most important day of the year. The time when all you can do is hope your candidate’s name is remembered when voters walk into the voting booth. Why not jog their memory with a SMS before they head to the polls? This outreach, paired with the layered messaging sent throughout the year, is a guaranteed way to boost voter turnout, enthusiasm, and gather more votes for your candidate.

Natural Disasters

Being able to inform your constituents of up-to-date information regarding an impending storm is powerful. Not only is it an excuse to continue your direct outreach efforts, but you can provide important information about shelter locations, storm movements, and safety recommendations. Having the information written down that they can access at any time will be invaluable when power lines and cell towers are down.

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The SMS Connect service is set up individually with a personal Representative.

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