RoboCall Features

Personalized Help with Powerful Technology

Every RoboCent client receives a dedicated, personal representative to assist every step of the way.
Our interface allows clients to explore our features and get familiar with the system before they commit to spending a penny.
We understand that Political Campaigns don’t exactly follow the normal “9-5” work schedule. That’s why we’re available throughout the night to help plan calls and answer questions.
Customize the caller ID number to display on recipients’ phones to boost the live answer and participation rates.
As a call is sending the results are updated live on the control panel. Watch the dialing progress to see live answer rates, total voicemails left, and full survey responses – in real time.
Once a call is complete, clients can download a complete report on the call’s performance, including who answered the phone, how long they listened, how long the phone rang, any keypad responses, and other data associated with the automated call.
RoboCent automatically removes cell phone numbers from the list to ensure we remain in full FCC compliance.
Our powerful dialer can make thousands of calls a minute, ensuring large calls always meet the deadline. Regardless if the call is big or small, our team is committed to assisting campaigns get their message out to the voters. Whether we’re dialing for a small city council race or a competitive gubernatorial, our system is built to handle it.
RoboCent provides a free and secure and dedicated call in recording line that allows clients to record a message over the phone from anywhere. The audio message is automatically uploaded to the user control panel.
Record new audio messages directly from the user control panel using a computer microphone. High quality audio recordings will ensure callees stay on the line to hear the message.
Give access to the whole team when creating a new organization. Allow the campaign manager, finance officer, political director, and candidate to have access to the organization’s account.
Only pay for the calls that send. Call costs are calculated by determining the length of the audio and the number of leads the call will dial. No required recurring fees are billed for use of our AutoDial platform.
Schedule calls days or weeks in advance to avoid any last-minute rush and ensure a smooth release.
Purchase a phone number with a local area code to use when dialing. All inbound phone calls and voicemails are posted to the RoboCent User Control Panel for campaign staff to view.
Design elaborate flow trees in which callees can navigate. Set up unique responses when certain keys are pressed to tailor the message the callee hears. Prove the candidate’s commitment to protecting the environment when the participants select “EPA Funding” as their most important issue.
Be confident and worry free when choosing RoboCent, backed by our 10+ years of combined AutoDial experience.