Responsible Use Policy

RoboCent, a national phone messaging platform, requires our customers to follow Responsible Use of our services. Users are required to follow all laws, rules, and regulations regarding RoboCall and P2P Texting.

Responsible Use of our services.


Peer-to-Peer SMS Policy

All Text Messages sent through the RoboCent platform must be sent, wholly and without exception, individually and manually by a human without the use of an autodialer.

Users are required to follow our Script Content Standards when using Peer-to-Peer Text Messaging.

Users are also expected to follow our Prohibited Uses guidelines as provided in our Terms of Service.


RoboCall Policy

RoboCalls are only to be used on landline phones and are NOT PERMITTED to contact mobile devices. There is no exception to this rule for any reason.

RoboCalls are only permitted for political organizations residing in the United States, where permitted by law.


Industry Standards

It will remain the responsibility of the user to abide by any industry standards, including all applicable guidelines published by the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA), Federal Communications Commission (FCC), Federal Trade Commission (FTC), Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association (CTIA), the Mobile Marketing Association, carrier guidelines, including any usage requirements.


Zero Tolerance

RoboCent maintains a zero-tolerance policy for spam, scams, or illegal use of our services. Users are required to follow all applicable laws, rules, and regulations to ensure proper and legal use of our services at all times.

Any users found to be in violation of any of our policies will be immediately banned from using our services. Furthermore, we reserve the right to take legal action against any violations of these policies to protect the integrity of our services.

Regulatory Cooperation

RoboCent maintains a cooperation policy with the governing bodies, including but not limited to, the FTC, FCC, and US Carriers in an industry-wide effort to eliminate illegal robocalls and text messages. It is RoboCent’s goal, and the goal of the majority of telecom users and providers, to eliminate nefarious actors using these technologies for scams, spam, and illegal purposes. RoboCent will cooperate with the regulatory bodies as needed to help eliminate illegal messaging.



By using the RoboCent services, you agree to indemnify and hold harmless RoboCent and any Indemnitees from any Claims relating to your violation of our Terms of Service.


Terms & Conditions

Users of the RoboCent platform must abide by the Terms of Service at all times. By using our service, you represent that you have read, understood, and agree to be bound by our Terms of Service.

Acceptable Use Policy

By accessing and using this Website, you agree that you have read and understand our Acceptable Use Policy, and that you accept and consent to abide by all terms and conditions described in the Acceptable Use Policy while using or accessing the Website or any of the RoboCent Services.

Report Abuse

Report illegal robocalls to help maintain industry integrity. Your action aids the FCC’s active pursuit of violators, with enforcement that includes substantial fines and legal repercussions for offenders each year.

National Do-Not-Call Registry

Reduce intrusive calls by adding your phone number to the National Do-Not-Call list. While this may not stop all unwanted calls, it can significantly decrease the number from compliant vendors.

Shield Your Phone

For additional privacy protection, consider Incogni’s personal information removal service. Incogni can help scrub your data from various brokers, reducing unwanted contact.

Disclaimer: The information provided on this page is for information purposes only and should not replace legal counsel. This list represents a summary of compliance efforts that the company takes and is likely incomplete or contains errors. Users are responsible for reviewing and adhering to RoboCent’s Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, and Acceptable Use Policy. This is not legal advice; all users should consult with an attorney before using our services. RoboCent is not responsible for any omissions for content standards, or for any outcome following the use of this information. It will be the responsibility of RoboCent’s Users to ensure they are following all applicable laws and regulations.