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SMS Connect is the industry leading choice for TCPA and FCC Compliant Political Peer-to-Peer Texting. With the lowest cost in the industry, why wouldn’t you choose RoboCent to add Text Marketing to your outbound messaging strategy?

Political Text Messages by RoboCent

SMS Credit Pricing

Under 10,000 Credits

Per Credit

10,000 to 100,000 Credits

Per Credit

100,000 to 500,000 Credits

Per Credit

Over 500,000 Credits

Per Credit
(50% Savings!)

SMS Connect uses a credit system for all text messaging. Pricing depends on the total number of credits being purchased. RoboCent prides itself on offering public, transparent pricing for all customers. No hidden fees, surcharges, or unexpected invoices.

Credit is good for the following services:


1 Credit for SMS Text Message

(up to 160 characters)


1 Credit for adding an Image to any Text


1 Credit for Managed Sending

(RoboCent Handles Sending)


1 Credit for adding additional

160 Characters to any Text

Outbound Sending Flexibility: The SMS Connect Platform is completely TCPA and FCC compliant because we use real humans to send every text message through our platform. When scheduling a message with SMS Connect, you get to choose who handles the outbound sending. “Managed” uses RoboCent’s team of agents to handle all outbound sending. “Self-Service” allows you to add your own agents, staff, and volunteers to handle sending.

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