RoboCall Pricing

Call Marketing Starting at 1¢ per Dial

All the best features.

RoboCalls are fast, affordable and will reach the masses for your campaign. Whether you are running in a small municipal race or a statewide campaign, political RoboCalls are a great canvassing tool for you to reach hundreds and thousands of supporters while keeping your time freed up and your budget intact.


0-15 Seconds


16-30 Seconds


31-45 Seconds


46-60 Seconds


Each Additional 15 Seconds


Bulk Pricing Available!

Over 100,000 Leads? 10% OFF!

Over 500,000 Leads? 20% OFF!

Over 1,000,000 Leads?
Contact us for High-Volume Pricing

Additional Options.

Keypad Survey

(Unlimited Questions)


Additional Multipliers

Enable Transfer/PatchThru: +1.5¢

Voter Data Pricing

Landline Record: 3¢
Mobile Record: 5.5¢
Email Record: 10¢

Minimum Order Requirements

RoboCall: $30
Survey: $75

RoboCent Additional Services Pricing.

Append Pricing (add data to customer list)

  • Landline Append: 3¢/success
  • Mobile Append: 5.5¢/success
  • Email Append: 10¢/success
  • Data Match (match phone/address/voter id): 3¢/success
  • Carrier Lookup (identify mobile/landline): 3¢/lookup
  • Minimum Order for Append: $150

Audio Recording Pricing

  • Choose from our Male or Female Voice Talents
  • 00-60 Seconds: $75
  • Over 60 Seconds: $150

Additional Services

  • Rush RoboCall (under 2hrs): $30

  • Rush Transfer Call (under 2hrs): $30

  • Rush SMS Connect (under 4hrs): $100

  • Rush Survey (under 2hrs): $100

  • Guided Setup Fee (RooCent schedules call): $50

  • Data Management (Formatting, Dedupe): $50

Graphic Design

  • New Logo Design: $350
  • Custom Graphic Design: $250
  • Standard Graphic Image/Banner: $150

What Our Clients Say.

The service was fantastic!

The service was fantastic! The SMS and Call went out on schedule and the sound quality of the call was perfect! The personal touch that I received when I asked a question was amazing.

I only use RoboCent for my RoboCall needs.

I only use RoboCent for my robocall needs. It's very easy to use and I can schedule anytime notice. Most time, I have candidates reach out last minute to I VERY MUCH SO APPRECIATE the quick response time and quick approval times.

Great, warm-blooded human customer service.

A campaign I worked for had a much easier time using Robocent than other RoboCell services. Great, warm-blooded human customer service. We made sure phone numbers we gave them were dialed and were happy with the voicemail quality.

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