RoboCent Features

RoboCent offers some of the best tools and features in the market for your election needs. See Live Results, Get Caller ID Control, View Complete Analytics, Call-in Recording and more!

All the best features.

RoboCent provides a Self-Service Platform for outbound messaging solutions for political campaigns to send RoboCalls, RVMs, Text Messages, Live Calls, and more! We can provide services within 2 hours of signup, helping to get your message out to voters as quickly as possible.

Live Results

Watch the Live Results for your Outbound Message while it’s sending! Whether it’s a RoboCall, RVM, or Text Message, we provide the full live reports so you can see progress, success, and results.

Custom Callback Number

Choose the Caller ID that shows up on a recipient’s phone and the number that they will be directed to when they call back. You can use any active phone number owned by your organization. In need of a new callback number to use for your campaign? Visit helloinbox.robocent.com to get a new number!

Complete Analytics

Every Outbound Message comes standard with a live report and downloadable .csv file detailing which phone numbers were contacted, the disposition of the message, success of the contact, and much more!

Dedicated Call-in Recording Line

Utilize our Call-in Recording line to record your messages by phone. Once recorded, the audio is posted directly to your account.

What Our Clients Say.

Very helpful when it comes to targeting specific voters

RoboCent is very helpful when it comes to targeting specific voters and getting desired outcomes. Appalachian PAC focuses on local elections in Watauga County, NC, and we need to target specific demographics in our elections to achieve maximum turnout. RoboCent was the perfect platform to make that happen. -Appalachian PAC

RoboCent was quick, easy, and incredibly affordable

We have never used robocalling before, however RoboCent was quick, easy, and incredibly affordable for our municipal elections. The support is friendly, clear, and concise, and we will definitely be using them again in the future. -Ansonia Democratic Town Committee

RoboCent helped me text over 15,000 voters

RoboCent helped me text over 15,000 voters, which was significant enough to help my campaign end with over 33,000 votes in a district that was going to be tough for me. They helped so much! -Jae Moyer for Johnson County Community College Board of Trustees

Most sophisticated software in the industry

Very reliable company that has the most sophisticated software in the industry. Their platform is cost effective while delivering better results than that of the overpriced and less reliable services out there. Will definitely continue using this highly recommended service. Reliability and innovation for less than you'd expect. For pennies on the dollar, this company is worth every cent spent. -David Gordon for Oneida County Clerk

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