You can apply for a user account by clicking “Login” on our homepage located at RoboCent.com. For instructions, visit https://robocent.com/signup/ to see how to get started sending your first call.

RoboCent thoroughly scrubs each call list before uploading it to our system to ensure the most accurate information is sent through. Typically, calls lists provided by clients contain a list of voters and not households. Since there can be many voters in a single household, we remove all the duplicate numbers from your list to ensure each number only receives the call once. In addition, our system will also remove all malformed, invalid, and cell phone numbers from the call list before sending.

The FCC places strict restrictions on all automated calls. These restrictions apply to both landlines and cell phones, with stricter regulations applied only to cell phones. This FCC website has a detailed breakdown of the requirements for sending automated messages to both landlines and wireless numbers. A Ringless Voicemail Drop works through a landline to landline session, or system to server connection. The phone does not ring and the network never carries an active call. Ringless Voicemail Drops are 100% TCPA and FCC compliant, when used responsibly. RoboCent also offers “SMS Connect”, a Peer-2-Peer texting platform. You can learn more about SMS Connect here.

The FCC places strict regulations on RoboCalls and we comply in every way possible. We require that every call you send contains a disclaimer that names who paid for and authorized the call and a valid callback phone number, owned by your organization, that has the ability to receive voicemail messages. You can search online for RoboCall laws in your state to ensure you stay compliant.

RoboCent has a 24/7 customer support team to answer your questions, help you get started, and launch your outbound messaging.

RoboCent allows clients to send calls between beginning at 9:00AM and ending promptly at 9:00PM. However, we recommend clients to avoid sending calls before 10:30AM or after 8:00PM to avoid unnecessary early morning or late night disruptions.

RoboCent requests a two hour lead time from when you schedule the call to when you would like it to start sending. This allows us plenty of time to accurately scrub your call list, approve your audio file, confirm payment, and set up your call. If given less than two hours lead time, a rush fee will be applied to your project.

The rush fee for our RoboCall service is $50 and is charged when you provide less than two hours from when you submit the call schedule request to when you want it to begin sending.

The rush fee for SMS Connect, our Peer-to-Peer texting platform, is $100 and is charged when you provide less than four hours from when you submit the SMS Connect schedule request to when you want it to begin sending.

When you create an account you will need to have a credit card of file before sending any calls. This card will not be billed without your approval. RoboCent accepts credit cards, checks, PayPal, and Wire Transfers. Payment must be received before your calls send.

RoboCent do not charge any additional required fees, set up charges, or subscriptions for use of our service. If using our guided setup, where a RoboCent representative schedules a call at your request, we will charge a setup fee. This is an optional service and not required when using our self-service platform.

The full pricing bracket is available at RoboCent.com/pricing. Pricing is determined simply by the number of dials and the cost per dial based on the length of your message. A cost calculator is available at https://robocent.com/cost-calculator/ to ensure you stay within budget for your campaign.

While our RoboCall pricing is proudly public, we have to hold our SMS trade secrets a little closer to the chest. This is because of how sought after this new technology is in the industry. We will happily provide quotes for our SMS Connect platform on a case by case basis.

Absolutely. Our pricing bracket for most services is tiered based on the number of messages you are sending. The higher the volume, the bigger the discount. Beyond these discounts we also offer bulk discount rates for prepaid credits. These discounts are significant when paying for services in advanced with most large campaigns taking advantage of the bulk discounts every year. Contact [email protected] to inquire about bulk pricing.

RoboCent only provides services for registered political campaigns and organizations in the United States, including candidates for office and registered party organizations/committees. RoboCent reserves the right to refuse service to any client who does not meet these criteria or fails to provide proof of registration if/when requested.
RoboCalls allow you to directly communicate with a specific target universe for a fraction of the cost of TV, Radio, and Direct Mail advertisements. You can target a group of voters based on their voting history, party affiliation, gender, age, and many other criteria. For this reason, RoboCalls are labeled as a direct form of targeted marketing and greatly benefit campaigns voter outreach.

RoboCent employs US based “agents” to send text messages on behalf of our clients. A client will provide the messaging and time to send and RoboCent will handle the logistics of sending and receiving the messages. We will work with campaigns to determine the optimal schedule, messaging, and tactics that are best for the specific campaign.

Yes. Peer-to-Peer texting is fully legal under FCC and TCPA regulations.

On the typical RoboCall, you should expect to see between 20% and 25% live answer rate. This means a human picked up the phone. You should also typically see 40% to 50% voicemail answer rate, meaning a voicemail answering machine picked up the call.

On an RVM (Ringless Voicemail Drop) to mobile phones, we typically see a 60% to 70% success rate.

With SMS Connect, RoboCent’s Peer-to-Peer texting platform, we usually see a 98% success/deliverability rate.

Please keep in mind that these are simply estimates and RoboCent makes no guarantee to the success of your calls or texts. Something as simple as a high school football game can get people out of the house and away from the phones, lowering the live answer rate. Alternatively, a nice rain storm can keep people at home where they’re more likely to pick up the phone.

RoboCent easily allows you to add individual numbers to our internal DNC list. This list is hosted by RoboCent and therefor applies to all of our accounts. Because of this, not only will the callee no longer receive calls from your campaign, they will never be bothered by another automated call by RoboCent-ever. You can request removal from automated calls placed by RoboCent by emailing [email protected]

RoboCent respects everyone’s privacy and right to not be called by automated messages. Please email [email protected] to be added to our internal-DNC list. This ensures you will no longer receive an automated call from any of RoboCent’s clients. In addition, we highly recommend you add your phone number to the National DNC list – although – political calls are exempt from this list.

RoboCent does not provide services for Telemarketers, Solicitors, Realtors, Business’, or other abusive organizations who lack Opt-In Requirements. We cater specifically to the Political Marketing industry and businesses who have written permission to call their customers.

Yes. RoboCent will attempt to leave a voicemail if the recipient does not answer the phone, provided the callee has a voicemail machine set up and the option is selected during scheduling. RoboCent also uses an advanced “Voicemail Detection Feature” that will wait for the “beep” before it begins to leave the message.

RoboCent is proud to offer a range of services to our clients. While RoboCalls are where we started, our new services are what set us apart from the competition. Utilizing our Surveys, TeleTownHalls, or peer-to-peer SMS platform will be the difference on Election Day. Visit RoboCent.com/services to see all we have to offer.

Absolutely! RoboCent offers the Call in Recording Line as a courtesy to campaigns who need a simple way to record the audio for their automated call. If you already have a pre-recorded message with your disclaimer, you can use that audio instead.

No. The only way to contact a cell phone with an audio message is via an RVM. An RVM simply drops the message on the recipients voicemail answering machine without ever ringing the phone. There is no way to respond with a keypad entry.

Clients are required to use a number that is owned by their organization, is active and able to receive inbound calls, and is capable of accepting voicemail messages. While you can use a cell phone, we highly recommend that you do not as an average of 10% of contacts will try to call back the number that is displayed. This means if you call just 1,000 people, you can expect 100 inbound calls.

If you do not have a number that meets this criteria, be sure to check out https://robocent.com/services/helloinbox/

With our platform, you can schedule an automated call, push-poll, or survey. A call allows you to send a pre-recorded message to a group of voters that targets live answers and answering machines. A push-poll creates a single question poll that allows callees to respond to a question with their dial pad. A survey allows you to go beyond a single question by asking up to 8 different questions in a row with a completely custom flow tree for your call.
RoboCent can alter the speed at which calls are sent. Our servers are capable of extremely fast dial speeds. In fact, we can send calls so quickly that the local phone lines can’t keep up. Because of this, we will send calls only at the capacity and speed that is required to ensure a timely release. When sending a call at a slower rate, we can ensure a lower congestion rate and more successful dials. The lower speeds are typically applied to small/medium calls and calls occurring before 4PM as they do not require a quick release. For large calls, we boost the dial rate to ensure the call finishes before your deadline. Typically, a small call (1,000 dials) will take 15 minutes, a medium call (10,000 dials) will take 25 minutes, and a large call (100,000 dials) will take 75 minutes. These rates can be adjusted on a per call basis.

RoboCent accepts .csv file types through our uploader. If you file is not compatible, we may charge a $25 conversion fee to make your list compatible with our dialer. Your call list should have the ‘Phone Number’ column in the far left, making it the first column in the list. We only need the phone numbers on the list, any other information you provide is optional. You can upload a list with up to 100 columns, but only the first 16 that are properly formatted will be saved to our system and returned in the dial detail report. If not properly formatted, only the phone number column will be imported.

RoboCent accepts .wav or .mp3 file types. If you record via the call in recording line, the files are already formatted for our system. If uploading your own file make sure it is a compatible file type. If not, you may be subject to a $25 conversion fee.

Yes, when the call is completed RoboCent will provide, via the user control panel, a dial detail report that shows what number we dialed, when we called the number, when they answered the phone, how long it rang, how long they listened, and other information regarding the call. If the call list is properly formatted, you will also receive back all the information that was provided on the original list. For this to happen, the columns on your spreadsheet, from A-Z, must be as follows: Lead Phone, Voter ID, First Name, Middle Name, Last Name, Address 1, Address 2, City, State, Zip, County, Precinct, Gender, Age, DOB, Party. You can skip columns for data you do not have by leaving them blank. If you fail to properly format the universe before uploading, the results that are returned may not contain all the data from your original list. If you need this data appended in after the call has been completed, you may be subject to a $50 data management fee so our team and merge in the data.

When your call sends we are delivering outbound calls to all the recipients on your list. This causes an influx of inbound calls to the caller id number, sometimes 30-50%. This is because of several factors, the callee receiving the call from a number they do not recognize, having received a voicemail, missing the call and quickly calling back before they listen to the message, and many others.

RoboCent will allow refunds in the form of account credit if you decide to cancel your call before the call sends. RoboCent will not provide any forms of refund after we have begun dialing on your list.


  • Connector.


    Live Human Answer.

  • Connector.


    Phone line was busy with another dial.

  • Connector.


    Channel Unavailable, phone lines operating at capacity.

  • Connector.


    Similar to Channel Unavailable, local phone lines are congested with calls.

  • Connector.


    The callee hangs up before the system can determine if they are an answer or machine.

  • Connector.


    Automated voicemail system answered the phone.

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    None of the above, potentially disconnect number. Also applies to dials with no answering machine set up.