Answers to Frequently Asked Questions About RoboCent and Our Services.

How does it work?

  • RoboCent provides a Self-Service Platform for outbound messaging solutions for political campaigns to send RoboCalls, RVMs, Text Messages, Live Calls, and more! We can provide services within 2 hours of signup, helping to get your message out to voters as quickly as possible.

How do I get started?

  • RoboCent offers a Self-Service platform. Our online portal allows customers to create an account, upload their contact lists, upload audio files, schedule their call, make payment, and watch live results as they come in. Our intuitive and friendly web interface makes it easy for anyone to get started!

How much time do you need after I schedule my Outbound Message?

  • We request a 2 hour lead time from when you schedule the message to when you want it to start sending. We can usually get messages sending in as little as 30 minutes (with a rush fee).

Do you charge based on total dials or on successful connects?

  • RoboCent’s pricing structure is based on a per dial rate. Billing on a per-dial basis also allows us to collect payment before sending, which eliminates risk and allows us to keep our pricing low. It also does not incentivize us to “juke the stats” and falsify success immorally (unlike some of our competitors) since we collect payment regardless of the results.

Does RoboCent clean/scrub my list before we contact anyone?

  • Yes! We provide a complementary list scrubbing with every file upload. Before returning the total number of landlines or mobile on your list, RoboCent will complete a complementary list scrub to remove malformed, invalid, disconnected, and duplicate phone numbers. This ensures we leave only the highest quality phone numbers on your list – and ensures that we do not charge our customers for bad numbers.

Can I use my own contact list, or does RoboCent provide the list?

  • Either option works for us! You can provide a list of phone numbers that you would like dialed or we can provide a quote to purchase a new list of voters. Visit RoboCent.com/voter-data to learn more about purchasing data.

What is an RVM?

  • An RVM is a Ringless Voicemail Drop used to target mobile phone without ever ringing the device. Visit RoboCent.com/RVM to learn more about what an RVM is, how it works, and how it can benefit your campaign.

Are disclaimers required on outbound calls?

  • Yes, a disclaimer is required on any RoboCalls, RVMs, Surveys. You must also introduce who is authorizing the call at the start of the message.
    Example: “Hi, this is John with John for Congress. [message, bio, vote for me, etc.] Thank you for your time this evening. This call has been paid for and authorized by John for Congress. 555-555-5555.”

Does the disclaimer at the end of my audio count towards the total message length?

  • Yes. Any airtime on your audio file counts towards the total message length. Because the carriers that deliver your message from RoboCent to the recipient round up, we do as well. A message that is 30.1 seconds long will be billed at the 30-45 second bracket.

Is a disclaimer or opt-out verbiage required on text messages?

  • No, a disclaimer is not legally required on Peer-to-Peer texting since RoboCent uses live human messaging. To be extra cautious, some customers elect to use Opt-Out verbiage such as “Reply STOP to unsubscribe” but this is not required by RoboCent.

Why is your pricing so low? Do you cut corners to save money?

  • RoboCent has the most beneficial formula for your political campaign. We don’t cut corners on delivery, spending the extra resources to ensure high-success rates. We have low overhead, which means we can keep our prices low to accommodate both small and large campaigns – without sacrificing quality.

  • Cheaper Phone Messaging Providers are, simply put, not very high quality. They cut corners on delivery (shorten the dial time so less people answer which makes it cheaper for them), minimize drops to Voicemails (by waiting a very short time on an answering machines before failing the call), and not using the highest quality delivery methods. We know because these are all the things we avoid avidly. This equals a cheaper price for the consumer, but for a lower quality item.

  • For those companies that are charging more than us, you will be hard pressed to notice a difference in quality. The additional costs they charge are paying for their large marketing budgets and huge support teams that still haven’t returned your call.

Does RoboCent allow refunds if I lose my Election?

  • No.

  • RoboCent will allow refunds in the form of account credit if you decide to cancel your message before we begin sending. RoboCent will not provide any forms of refund after we have begun sending on your list.

  • RoboCent has a No Refund Policy on HelloInbox Phone Numbers. More info available at https://helloinbox.robocent.com/

  • From our Terms of Service:

    Chargeback Abuse Prohibited. Once you authorize a charge to your credit or debit card to purchase a RoboCent Service, you agree to not to file a credit card or debit card chargeback with regard to your purchase, regardless of whether your use of the RoboCent Service produced the desired outcome (e.g. the election of a political candidate). Should you file a credit card or debit card chargeback, you agree to reimburse RoboCent for any costs incurred in researching and responding to such chargeback, including without limitation, attorney’s fees and other costs paid to the credit card processor or our banks. You further agree that RoboCent may add these amounts to the original amount of your order, and that this total amount will then be immediately due and payable. RoboCent reserves the right to report a threatened or actual chargeback incident for inclusion in chargeback abuser database(s) of our choosing and in our sole discretion.

Get started with RoboCalls & RVMs today! From signup to sending in 2 hours.

While other companies require contracts, negotiation, monthly commits, and minimum volumes, RoboCent doesn’t. Our unique prepay structure allows us to expedite account approval to get your messages sending fast. Our transparent pricing isn’t locked behind a signup form or unique to different customers based on how much they plan to send. We put our industry-low pricing front and center because it speaks for itself.

What Our Clients Say.

The service was fantastic!

The service was fantastic! The SMS and Call went out on schedule and the sound quality of the call was perfect! The personal touch that I received when I asked a question was amazing.

I only use RoboCent for my RoboCall needs.

I only use RoboCent for my robocall needs. It's very easy to use and I can schedule anytime notice. Most time, I have candidates reach out last minute to I VERY MUCH SO APPRECIATE the quick response time and quick approval times.

Great, warm-blooded human customer service.

A campaign I worked for had a much easier time using Robocent than other RoboCell services. Great, warm-blooded human customer service. We made sure phone numbers we gave them were dialed and were happy with the voicemail quality.

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