RVMs (Ringless Voice Drops)

RVMs are the Newest Technology in the Industry with a better success rate than RoboCalls.

Introducing RVMs

Ringless Voicemail Drops are the newest technology in the industry and used to directly target cell phones, without ever ringing the phone. When provided with a call list, RoboCent will remove all the landline numbers, keeping just the cell phones. It works by establishing a server-to-server communication directly with the callees voicemail platform, circumventing the need to dial the recipient. A telephone call is never made to the cell phone, instead, using a drop delivery system.

RVM’s open a door to an entirely new means of communication with a set of voters never reachable by RoboCalls. With RVM’s the callee’s cell phone never actually rings, creating a new non-intrusive form of communication allows campaigns to directly target mobile subscribers in a responsible way.


Targets Mobile Phones ONLY


Direct to Voicemail, does not place a "call"


Ringless, recipient gets a notification "New Voicemail Received"


Release at any time, voicemail notification will always be dropped


Average success rate of 70%

Why Choose RVMs? Better Targeting. Higher Success Rates.

RVM’s have, on average, a 70% success rate. Compared to a RoboCall to Landlines, which only hits 10% to 20% live answers, RVM’s provide a much more direct way of targeting voters with higher success.

Ringless Voicemail Drops provide an innovative marketing mix for political campaigns:

  • Sending GOTV messages on Election Day when callees may not be home
  • Provides a door to new voters, otherwise unreachable by normal marketing
  • Reinforces name ID with layered messaging
  • Perfect for event invites as the recipient can replay the message to confirm the location
  • Pair with our Inbound SMS Tree to enable recipients to respond with a text to learn more

Why Choose RoboCent for RVMs?

  • Safe and Responsible Way to Contact Voters On-The-Go
  • High Engagement Rate with over 96% Checking their Voicemail
  • New Contact Method Opens the Door to Over 300 Million Mobile Subscribers
  • Easy to Use Client Interface with Powerful Options
  • 24/7 Support Team for Hands-Free Management and Peace of Mind

At RoboCent, we pride ourselves on promoting responsible usage of RVMs to benefit the industry. We understand the potential for abuse and always inform our clients of proper methods for using this delicate technology. RoboCent reserves the right to revoke privileges to any organization attempting to abuse our service.

    What Our Clients Say.

    The service was fantastic!

    The service was fantastic! The SMS and Call went out on schedule and the sound quality of the call was perfect! The personal touch that I received when I asked a question was amazing.

    I only use RoboCent for my RoboCall needs.

    I only use RoboCent for my robocall needs. It's very easy to use and I can schedule anytime notice. Most time, I have candidates reach out last minute to I VERY MUCH SO APPRECIATE the quick response time and quick approval times.

    Great, warm-blooded human customer service.

    A campaign I worked for had a much easier time using Robocent than other RoboCell services. Great, warm-blooded human customer service. We made sure phone numbers we gave them were dialed and were happy with the voicemail quality.

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