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RoboCent provides a Self-Service Platform for outbound messaging solutions for political campaigns to send RoboCalls, Text Messages, Live Calls, and more! We can provide services within 2 hours of signup, helping to get your message out to voters as quickly as possible.

RoboCalls and Transfer Calls

RoboCalls, a campaign’s bread and butter. The proven, effective and affordable voter contact method for every political organization. A RoboCall is an automated call that plays a prerecorded message to a live recipient or answering machine. Our service takes a unique recording and sends the message to everyone in a target voter universe. When the automated call dials the phone and the callee answers, the recording will play for them to hear. Our AutoDials use VoIP (voice over internet protocol) technology to deliver the message with crystal clear audio quality.

Transfer calls work similarly to RoboCalls. When scheduling a call, a “Transfer To” phone number is assigned. The dialing begins exactly like a RoboCall. During the audio, the callee will be instructed to “Press 1” on their phone to be transferred. At this point, the callee will be transferred to the number selected.

RoboCalls are best for:

  • Increasing name ID and identifying a candidate’s stance on issues
  • Quickly informing voters of a new endorsement, or endorsing another candidate
  • Calling out opponents with an attack ad against their stance or voting record

Transfer Calls are best for:

  • A volunteer standing by to take donation information over the phone
  • A high-profile representative the callee can express their opinion on new legislation to
  • A campaign staffer so the callee can ask specific questions about a candidate’s views

Why Choose RoboCent for RoboCalls and Transfer Calls?

  • Most Cost-Effective Means of Voter Contact
  • Most Affordable Pricing in the Industry
  • Fast, Reliable Dialer Capable of Maximizing Ports for Quick Delivery
  • Easy to Use Client Interface with Powerful Options
  • 24/7 Support Team for Hands-Free Management and Peace of Mind

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While other companies require contracts, negotiation, monthly commits, and minimum volumes, RoboCent doesn’t. Our unique prepay structure allows us to expedite account approval to get your messages sending fast. Our transparent pricing isn’t locked behind a signup form or unique to different customers based on how much they plan to send. We put our industry-low pricing front and center because it speaks for itself.

Not sure if RoboCalls are right for you?

es below. If you are still stuck feel free to talk with one of our RoboCent experts that can help you understand if RoboCalls are ideal for your campaign needs.

RoboCent Live Phone Banking

Live Phone Banking

Looking to reach out to your voters to let them know why they should vote for you? Or maybe you are looking to canvas voters with a personal touch so you can gain their support?

Making those individual calls can be time consuming – if only you had a dedicated team to take care of that for you… Introducing Live Phone Banking with RoboCent. Let our US Based Call Team help you connect with voters while you get back your valuable time.

What Our Clients Say.

The service was fantastic!

The service was fantastic! The SMS and Call went out on schedule and the sound quality of the call was perfect! The personal touch that I received when I asked a question was amazing.

I only use RoboCent for my RoboCall needs.

I only use RoboCent for my robocall needs. It's very easy to use and I can schedule anytime notice. Most time, I have candidates reach out last minute to I VERY MUCH SO APPRECIATE the quick response time and quick approval times.

Great, warm-blooded human customer service.

A campaign I worked for had a much easier time using Robocent than other RoboCell services. Great, warm-blooded human customer service. We made sure phone numbers we gave them were dialed and were happy with the voicemail quality.

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